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Edwin's picture.Hi there!
My name is Edwin Oscar Polini, and I would like to thank you for
taking time to get to know me. I am excited about this blogging
project and what I intend to accomplish through it.
So who am I? A nice guy from South Florida… LOL! Although I grew
up in the Caribbean, I was born in Miami and this is where I have
lived most of my life. Since in my youth I cared more about having
fun than anything else, I failed my first try at college. I married in my
late 20’s and had 3 beautiful girls, after that I worked and worked.
I performed many miscellaneous jobs, and eventually did much
better in sales and fitness. I had grand dreams of becoming a
wealthy entrepreneur, but, life threw a curve ball at me: I lost my
sight in a near fatal motorcycle accident. Fortunately, the experience
brought me closer to God, and I was strengthened by his Spirit in a
way I never knew before. Still, rehabilitation took its time, and
having financial assistance from the government I was not very
preoccupied with money. Instead, I took time to regroup, concerning
myself with family, spiritual growth and music, while I completed
an Associate degree in Arts. Upon college graduation I did not feel
the need to pursue employment, unless I found something to do
for the love of it, but, little by little my motivation was lost.

For a long while, I lived day by day without much expectation.
In time, it was through reading the flame was rekindled: As I read
various authors on success and personal development, the desire in
me for achievement was brewing, until I knew I was capable of much
more and I was ready for a new challenge. Since I had learned basic
computing skills with the help of assistive technology as part of my
rehabilitation, I realized I already had the necessary tools to get
started, so I began searching for my chance on the Internet.
At the time of this writing, it has been almost 6 years since I set sails.
My beginnings were quite challenging due to my lack of sight, but,
I eventually earned some miscellaneous cash from InboxDollars and
completing surveys which gave me hope. However, I wanted a real
business and in my hunting I fell in a few traps, either by
unscrupulous marketers or lack of accessibility for the visually
impaired; then I found Project Payday and managed to increase my
earnings. I successfully implemented their various methods and
acquired a deeper understanding of CPA offers. I achieved mentor
status, and as such, I developed a passion for helping others with
their desires for online profits. Also, as I learned and grew, I tested
other business opportunities since I realized the power of creating
multiple income streams, and in the process learned various
methods for generating web traffic, capturing leads, sales
conversion, etc., as well as branding myself on the web.

Most importantly, I have learned my best assets are the relationships
built along the way with mentors and likeminded individuals. My
purpose with this blog is to pass along the wealth of knowledge
gained along the way, and to continue building such profitable
relationships as I press forward. I endeavor to present to you
programs I have found to be most value rich, and practical business
opportunities in terms of low starting cost and ease of set-up, along
with my personal insight to help you take successful steps. I promote
what works for me, and the losers get trashed, therefore everyone
who joins me wins. I do not approve of unethical deceitful practices
which plague this industry, so you will not find them here.
Having said that, please understand I am a marketer and I think of
this blog as an important part of my income machine and therefore I
intend to gain from its content; however, I would be thrilled to see
you advance thanks to what I am offering here, since to be able to
help you accomplish what you desire, I also consider profit.
I am thankful for being here, first to God All Mighty, and also to all
folks who gracefully have contributed to my progress. I believe to
aspire for a successful home based business is a worthy goal, and
I hope to encourage and inspire many, because ultimately this blog
proves that if a blind man can, anyone can!


P.S. I would love to connect with you, share your aspirations, and see
how I can help. I can be easily reached by phone or email.
Please feel free to message me below…

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