Even The Blind Can Be Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliate logo. This is how I am building an online affiliate marketing business, even though I’m totally blind, and how I can help you do it too!

5 Bible Verses About Business Success

Picture of an office desk with the Holy Bible on it.Without any religious intention, enjoy this bit of business applied
Biblical Wisdom as it was written by the wisest, wealthiest man that
ever lived!

History tells us King Solomon was the richest and wisest man who
ever walked this earth. His wealth has been estimated to be worth
$2.1 Trillion in today’s economy. So vast was his wisdom, other kings
sought his counsel. He wrote more than 3000 proverbs, most of
which are contained in the Bible. It stands to reason following his
principles of wealth and prosperity provides us with keys to succeed
in business and in life in general.

Work Your Home Business Until It Works

A girl focused on her smart phone.Here’s a real life example of how persistence is critical for achieving
success in any endeavor, especially your Online Home Business!

The other day I found an important lesson in something that happens
often with one of my best friends. Victoria is sightless like myself and
absolutely loves getting her hands on new gadgets which are
accessible to folks who are visually impaired like us. It was after
troubleshooting one of these devices I found myself reflecting on her
tenacity for figuring out her way around the difficulties we
frequently encounter. There is no wonder why I call her when I need
help with my phone, but, what do we do when it is our business we
require assistance with?