How to Brand Yourself Online and Increase Your Income

Stick man figure presenting a huge arrow next to him and the title "BrandMe."To brand yourself is a must if your goal is to increase your online
income, because it’s essential for establishing a powerful web

Maybe you desire to start your online enterprise on the right foot, or
want to take your business to the next level. Whichever the case, if
your purpose is to build a thriving online venture, branding yourself
might be the single most important step to solidify the power of your
enterprise and expedite your success. Simply put, this means any of
us working to establish ourselves on the Internet for profits, should
be striving to create a unique image people will come to know, like
and trust.

To reinforce this idea, let’s read the following “brand” dictionary

1. a word, name, symbol, etc., especially one legally registered as a
trademark, used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify its
products distinctively from others of the same type, and usually
prominently displayed on its goods, in advertising, etc.
2. A product, line of products, or service bearing a widely known
brand name.
3. A person who is notable or famous, especially in a particular field.

Do any of these definitions resonate with what you want to
accomplish? They all should, because they are synonymous with
revenue. Even though it will take time to fully develop to such
extend, we should strive for distinctiveness from the beginning.
Moreover, creating your brand is about framing yourself as the most
valuable asset to your customers. Now, let’s see what all this entails
and how you should go about it.

Define Your Online Identity

Your brand is your business identity on the Web, and for the home
entrepreneur it all begins with a registered domain name.

Read How to Effectively Select and Acquire your Online Domain!

Your domain, which basically is your business’ web address, serves to
identify you and what you have to offer. Most importantly it should
be related to your niche, but, it should also be unique, catchy and
memorable. If you need help choosing your niche, please read…

What Is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Avoid naming your site something different than your domain, since
it might be confusing to your visitors and make it cumbersome to
locate you. A great option here is to use your own name, however,
any brandable name of your liking can be effective. Along with it,
a professional image should be created in order to help you achieve
the web presence you desire.
Next, consider a snappy logo to visually add to the impression you
want to leave with your audience. The possibilities are as diverse as
we humans are, which means there is room for unleashing your
creativity and being original; after all, .it is your taste and personality
your brand should reflect. Investors research the people behind
ideas and corporations, and customers base their buying decisions,
often unconsciously, according to how they like the people at a store
or behind a company; therefore, it makes sense we should think of
ourselves as our business’s most valuable asset.
In addition, it should be noted owning your domain means owning
your website, which is important for having total control of your
business. You must be in the driver seat 100% in order to become
a recognizable brand name and authority in your niche.
This is your money making machine we are talking about; you are
in it for the long haul and you need to be able to modify and improve
it according to your own ideas and inspiration.
Contrary to the lies of so-called marketing gurus, the amount of time
and effort required to achieve success as a home entrepreneur is
likely the same as participating in any of those “Turnkey” systems
polluting the Internet, provided you have the required knowledge,
but, the cost is much lower in the long run, not to mention the
additional benefits.

Stay Away from Third Party Systems

You definitely do not want to house your business under somebody
else’s name. This means no sub-domains or subscribing to any
platform promising to make your job easier. If you choose to
promote your products or services by subscribing to a third party
program, you are forced to their decisions regarding the image they
wish to project, marketing tactics, etc., whether you like them or
not. Your subscription cost will add to your operation expenses,
which can be a limiting factor, and as their customer you will be
subject to their offers. They market themselves as “Done-for-you” or
“Lead-generation systems,” but, consider who the leads are really
for; remember third parties are in business for themselves, and the
real profits are for them, not you. On the other hand, when you
promote your own brand you are the sole beneficiary: This comes as
a result of having total control of your business. Namely, you are to
choose how your Web presence is established, how to market, and
the direction of your enterprise. As you present yourself, your story
and the value you bring to the marketplace, you control your
prospects initial perception, and they are exposed solely to what you
have to offer. This way all of your marketing efforts are entirely for
the benefit of your business and not somebody else’s, and therefore
your bottom line profits as well. Many people still believe it is a
better idea to hide behind an already recognized brand, or to
leverage the financial power of a larger enterprise; this is a short
sighted vision, since in the long run a brand looking good today
might be old news tomorrow. Deceitful marketers prey on naive
folks wishing online prosperity with glamorous presentations and
empty promises. In general, 3rd party systems have low retention
rates, which makes it difficult to grow a large network of affiliates or
consumers, as it might apply. As a result, you might find yourself
struggling to make money, or worse, shifting from one program to
another in hope of better returns. This also means you will have no
followers as the ship goes down, because you have no credibility and
no real online identity, so you would be starting over every time.
By branding yourself instead, you can establish rapport with your
clients, and they are more likely to follow you even through
unforeseen changes as your business evolves.

Access the Necessary Marketing Tools and Training

My final suggestion for creating your Own, Profitable, Online Brand
is acquiring the capabilities for effectively positioning yourself in the
marketplace. This is especially important if you are starting out, but,
even if you have already embarked on your venture, what is
important is for you to have at hand all the necessary resources to
grow from this point forward. Without the proper training and
marketing tools you have no power, simple as that. Having said that,
here’s a list of the basic set of tools needed to accomplish your goals:

• Domain and Website Builder
• Fast Reliable Hosting
• Keyword Research Tool
• Content Writing Assistant
• Link Tracker

Once you have chosen your niche and have a basic idea of which
direction you might want to follow, the other side of the coin is
knowing how to present it to your potential customers, which is why
you need to connect with a trustworthy source of education. For this
purpose, I endorse Wealthy Affiliate because it was a game-changer
for me, teaching me what I needed to know in order to get my ideas
together and start making consistent progress in my business.
WA gave me confidence and led to the creation of this blog.
What’s more, it taught me the use of powerful tools and strategies
to help me grow my business, while providing answers to all of my
questions even to this day, and all in one place. The video-based
training was thorough, easy to follow, and best of all, I did not have
to give them my Credit Card to get started!
The first training phase, which is totally free, contain 10 lessons
designed to guide you through the actual set up of every vital part of
your machine. Beyond this point the focus is on perfecting details of
every aspect of your business through continued education.
Hopefully, I have painted for you a better picture of the importance
of branding yourself online to increase your income potential. As I
have stated, I firmly believe it is a must in today’s challenging online
marketplace. Furthermore, I have given you my #1 recommendation
for acquiring the essential knowledge everyone needs to succeed.

The folks at Wealthy Affiliate have been in business since 2005 when
it all started as a keyword research tool, and they have worked
dilligently to become industry leaders in Affiliate Marketing
WA currently offers the most comprehensive training and suite of
tools in a state-of-the-art platform for a fraction of the standard
cost. In fact, one of the sweetest benefits for me was cutting my
operation expense in half, but, do not take my word for it…


and see what it can do for you!


Have questions? I have answers; please write them below.

5 thoughts on “How to Brand Yourself Online and Increase Your Income”

  1. You are absolutely right about branding. If we take a look at the world of commerce, be it perfumes, clothes, cars or anything else, with the right brand you can sell almost anything. Even products of a questinable quality and a price tag which is really to high can be sold just because it has the “right brand”
    And good brand which offers both quality and reasonable price tag is really a winner.
    Thank you for pointing this out, because as marketers we sometimes tend to forget this and put all focus on the products we try market.

  2. Hello Jojo, and thanks for your comment.

    You know, at the core of this issue it’s important we believe in ourselves; creating a brand around our unique personalities is powerful.

    This is why when promoting WA as a complete platform to build up a business of any size, we often say the only thing missing is “YOU.”

    God bless!

  3. I think that social media is also an important factor in building up your brand and becoming an authority within your niche. I recommend using the social plugin, and also writing something towards the beginning of the article, “Hey, if you find this post to be useful, please give us a follow on Facebook, and share with your friends” and provide buttons that allow them to do those tasks.

    Having loyal followers to your blog that interact with you and your content will boost SEO rankings.

  4. Hi Jacob,

    you’re absolutely right. In today’s virtual environment social sharing capability is a must for any type of website.

    I am now in the process of exploring plugins available for this purpose, so I will be adding that dimension to TH$M real soon.

    I shall also include this important factor in this post, and maybe even devote a whole article to it in the future.

    Thanks for your helpful comment!

  5. Hey folks,
    since something was said about the importance of social sharing within these comments, I thought I would provide a link to an article I wrote after completing my research and choosing what to use on this blog, for any readers out there in the beginning stage of their online business journey

    How to Add Share Buttons to Your Website

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