Starting a Home Business Online – The TH$M Story

A homie portrait of an ATMHere’s how the name of this blog, The Home Cash Machine, came
to be out of my childhood memories, and how you can get inspired
to pursue your own!

Like most, as a child I had no concept of the value of money, or how
hard my parents had to work to supply all our needs. I remember my
father’s response every time I wanted something that required for
him to reach for his wallet: ”Do you think I have a money machine at
home?” His tone was not harsh; it was rather humorous, so it didn’t
bother me, except for the fact my want was not going to be met
easily. Little did I know then, I would be using his silly machine idea
to promote my own home business today.

Sometimes when we were out and about, if I asked him to
buy me something, he would respond: “When we get home I will get
some money from the machine…” and the run around would get
started (LOL).
In time I came to realize these were not dad’s original words;
in various ways, it seemed it was common to discourage us kids from
our untamed desires with similar statements. In addition,
it appeared most adults would have liked to have a money machine
at home to solve their financial struggles.

From Memory to Reality

Growing up, even I also began to fantasize of how nice it would be to
actually own such an awesome machine! Of course, this was before
the appearance of the Internet, and all the ways technology has
come to enhance our lives. When I first saw an Automatic Teller
Machine (ATM), it brought back to life the memory of dad’s
imaginary cash machine, although my mental image was archaic in
comparison. Later on, seeing the shift in commerce and the web
turning into a virtual marketplace, the increased possibilities for
anyone to run a profitable venture from home got me thinking:
A home based business would probably be the closest thing to
having a cash machine at home!
Initially I used this concept to motivate myself when I started
pursuing an online business, and eventually to encourage my
prospects to join me and build their own. As you would imagine,
when it was time to choose a name to
Brand Myself Online,
the home cash machine idea was fresh in my mind, and it officially
materialized as a web domain. Moreover, my enthusiasm for
growing and developing into someone capable of helping others
assemble their home business fell in line with the concept, and
therefore I had a logical name for this blog.

Anyone Can Have Their Own Home Cash Machine

Of course, I do not mean you can use my domain name; please,
get your own (LOL). All joking aside, nowadays more than half of the
global population uses the Internet for finding information and
purchasing products, and although we may not reach them all,
a fraction would be sufficient to generate a decent income.
All it takes for someone to start an Online Home Business is
a Personal Computer, an Internet connection and the desire to do it,
since no prior experience or qualifications are needed. Add to that
your own passion, whether it is a hobby or any particular interest,
and you are ready to commence blogging.
Why blogging? A blog is the easiest way to attract people and refer
them to products and services you know about for an affiliate
commission. Oh yes, you may have heard it takes money to make
money, but, this is only partially true. What we are talking about
here is a beginning, and to get going from zero you’ll need
the following:

• A FREE Training Course
• A FREE Website
• Your commitment to your new biz

You can get the first two with a…


but, the third is up to you.

Get Inspired and Pursue Your Own

So there you have it: I have felt inclined to share this story because
of its early roots in my unsuspecting childhood, and although the
cash machine image is frequently used in marketing, now you know
how it plays out in my mind. To be able to generate income online,
working from a home office is a dream of many; not to mention,
firing their boss, setting their own hours, and taking vacations on
their terms. I consider myself fortunate to be living that dream,
even though I have higher financial goals yet to be reached.
The fact is today anyone can earn extra cash online, and even build a
thriving business if they wanted badly enough. The opportunities
abound and the technology required to make it happen is
increasingly becoming more accessible to those of us with lesser
technical knowledge or physical disabilities.
Most assuredly, you are in the right place at the right time. I am
thrilled The Home Cash Machine exists as a portal to help anyone
with the desire to start putting together their own money machine
at home, so I invite you to explore this blog, take advantage of the
opportunity at hand, ask all the questions you need to, and take the
next step toward your dream!

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To your success,
Edwin Oscar Polini