Tips to Avoid Scams Making Money Online

Cartoon image of a burglar at work.The Internet is plagued with business scams, but, with these pointers
you can avoid them and choose a legitimate way to make money

After trying a few different things to generate cash on the web, and
having been taken advantage of by some unscrupulous marketers,
I feel compelled to alert you of their schemes and introduce you to
a real and honest way to earn cash online.
I know you might be skeptical, and that would be a good thing since
it could save you from making a costly mistake, but, there are also
many unsuspecting folks out there falling prey to the crooks, so
I hope this writing helps all of you just the same.

The Biggest Lie on The Internet

From the early years of the Internet, fly-by-night companies have
been peddling how easy it is to get rich quick; those entities either
have gone out of business or changed their name by now, as they
usually do in order to move on to the next scam. In general, how
long a company has been in business is an indication of their
legitimacy, although I would warn you about MLM ventures, since in
their case long standing also means little room for the new
associates to grow.
I do not know about you, but, I am sick and tired of all these Internet
Marketing gurus selling us the secret to wealth through hype and
deceit. Of course the supposed secret is a lie, because they will not
tell you how they made their alleged millions, which is by lying!
I do not mean to exaggerate or play the puritan here; I know all
advertisers create an illusion of having the best, the cheapest,
the fastest, or whatever applies, but, where do we draw the line?
I learned to stay away from deceitful marketers the hard way,
unfortunately by believing they could teach me something good,
wasting time and money in the process, but, you could avoid that by
knowing how they operate.

Recognize the Warning Signs

The first thing to understand is achieving success in any endeavor
takes education and hard work for a long time; if this wasn’t the case
everybody would be rich. Consequently, you should beware of sales
pitches promising lots of cash with only minutes of work a day.
This is the most rampant lie on the web, but, let’s also look at other
typical unethical practices and empty promises infesting the

• Flashy presentations of wealthy lifestyles
• 100% commissions
• Done for you – Turnkey systems
• Ultimate never revealed secrets
• Simulated live events
• Check pics that prove nothing
• Act now deadlines which never expire
• Mentor/coaching support you will never find

The list goes on, but, if you should encounter any of the red flags I’m
waving here on your search for a legitimate home business
opportunity, run before they strip you of your cash.

Tactics of The Gurus

Along with the initial hype associated with fraudulent business
opportunities, there are some strategies commonly used to drain
your wallet. I will now present a typical scenario to alert you and
help prevent a pitfall:
You find a business proposition which arouses your interest.
The initial offer is very attractive, most frequently costing less than
$50 USD. This fee is supposed to get you access to an amazing
money-making system, but, in reality you would be entering the first
level of what is known as a Sales Funnel, aptly named since the
number of people likely to go through it diminishes moving forward.
At this point you might find pages of information posing as tutorials
which are cleverly designed to motivate you to buy into the next
level to unlock bigger profits. What is going on here is that you could
probably stay at the first level selling the system for the same price
you paid, therefore earning 100% commissions, but, you would
surely fail miserably because you are not being taught everything
you need to know in order to successfully promote this scam, sorry,
I meant product (LOL).
Moreover, the next level is bound to be priced in the hundreds
so you could make more money, right? Not really. In marketing this
is called upselling, similar to when you are offered soda and fries
with your burger. The problem is in this case there is no product; what you would be reselling is the system or funnel they are pulling
you through, which is likely to have at least 3 or 4 levels, reaching
into the thousand dollars price tag.

The Dressed-up Wolf

Another strategy being used is a business set-up sold at a reasonable
price, or even an affordable monthly subscription, advertising a
decent product or service. Everything would look real good with this
offer, but, you might soon find out what you are to sell is nothing
more than a bait. Upsales in this case would often consist of
coaching programs or done-for-you packages, which would include
the latest technology to really explode your business and finally
make you rich. Automation tools and software are frequently found
within these schemes. You would be hard pressed to go for these
upgrades after you spend some time spinning your wheels, trying to
make the original set-up work, which would be very difficult simply
because the system is incomplete.
Assuming something worthwhile can be found which uses any of the
marketing tactics described, the final piece of the puzzle would be
the fact to make money with these set-ups you would have to buy
the entire system yourself in order to be fully positioned for profits,
as they love to say.

Can Selling Lies Make You Money?

You may be wondering how come these guys can legally remain in
business and seem to be doing so well. Sadly, they have found tricky
ways to get away with murder, so to speak; and it’s not that they are
not making money, they sure are, at least some of them.
Their tactics are sharp; they have perfected the art of cunning.
However, you can learn more about it by watching them, rather than
by believing their lies and giving them your money, because not one
of them will tell you straight forward their secret is deceit; it would
ruin their business. Yes, selling lies can make you a lot of money,
if you know how to do it; and ultimately, it is your call to decide how
you wish to conduct yourself in life or in business.
Deceptive marketing is so prevalent nowadays that even some good
products and services are being publicized using some form of the
afore mentioned techniques. However, this is not my style, nor is it
something I promote. Amid the fools who have fallen for the
trickery, there are some honest people who have chosen to make
a difference by promoting their businesses in a straight forward,
transparent way, and you can count me among those.

Are You Looking for An Honest, Ethical Business?

I know you might think I am just one more of the corrupt ones, and
you have every right and plenty good reasons to feel this way, but,
I would tell you this: I am not a millionaire guru and I do not want to
become one by duplicating fraudulent practices, and I do not have a
get rich secret system to sell you!
This means that if what you are looking for is the latest marketing
secret to flood your account with millions in the next 30 days, or any
other overblown promise, you will not find it here; you might as well
close your browser and leave this page.
If on the other hand you desire to find a genuine way to work from
home building your own enterprise, and earn an honest living, or
simply generate supplemental income for you and your family, I have
a real good business proposition for you:
I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I have chosen to promote it
because I feel it is the best option for so many people to finally start
building a better financial future. Affiliate marketing is a practical,
proven and replicable business model which is enabling folks across
the globe realize their dreams, and WA specializes on the training,
tools and support necessary to succeed.
To be clear, Wealthy Affiliate is not a business per se, nor is it
an information product you buy into so you can profit reselling it,
it is so much more. WA is an all-inclusive service platform for aspiring
and seasoned Online Entrepreneurs alike, as well as, business
owners looking to establish a powerful web presence.

We can accommodate any business size, providing professional
resources to start, grow and manage all type of online enterprises,
whether it is an e-commerce site, an authoritative information site,
a hobby blog, or a local market web presence.
Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching proper, ethical online business
practices, going on 12 years now, without any of the shenanigans
that are widespread on the Internet. While you are here visiting my
blog, I invite you to read…


where I expound on how you can benefit from it. Additionally, you
can browse other helpful articles listed by categories on the right.

Focus on The Real Thing and Ignore The Rest

As a final word to help you avoid any misleading marketers,
I recommend once you have decided on your course of action,
to fully concentrate on your chosen venture and nothing else. During
my early years working for online profits I ran across many so-called
shiny objects, and every so often some new opportunity would really
attract me; logically, I would spend some time checking it out.
Regrettably, my attention was taken away from whatever project
I was involved in at the time, and the worst part was: it would make
me feel I was missing out on something better since I was not really
getting rich with my venture yet. Even then, in the back of my mind
I knew I needed to focus on one thing and make it work, rather than
allowing the rest to distract me.
Remember, everyone is trying to make a buck, and knowing how
crafty some can be, one of the best things you can do for your
enterprise is to intentionally disregard their attempts to catch your
attention. This could easily be the best piece of advice in this entire
Choose your preferred business, decide your course of action,
and charge ahead with blinders on!

Whatever you choose to do, please do not believe the lies; I’ll say it
once again: Earning cash online takes hard work. If you asked any
honest successful person, they will tell you achieving and
maintaining success in any endeavor requires the proverbial blood,
sweat and tears; even the most talented must pay their dues
in terms of sacrifice, time and effort.
This is not to say it can’t be done honestly or that online success is
a pipe dream of the average person; on the contrary, today more
than ever it is possible for anyone to build a thriving online business,
provided one has the right vehicle, instruction and support.
You should definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate and see what it can
do for you. You can do so with no strings attached, simply by…


Thank you for reading my little rant, I hope it proves to be helpful
as you decide on your next step. If you find Wealthy Affiliate to be
worthy of serious consideration, great! I’ll be waiting for you inside,
ready to welcome you and give you the best support I can.
If it is not your “cup-of-tea,” that’s fine, I wish you well on your
online profits journey.
Please share your questions or comments; I invite you to write them
below, especially if you have had a bad experience with any of those
shady programs out there, it might help the next person!


4 thoughts on “Tips to Avoid Scams Making Money Online”

  1. I am glad to have come across this post! I am getting tired of hearing the same old thing every time about making money on the internet by doing something so simple! Even it was that simple everyone would be doing it. Right? At least that is what they do not want you to know.
    I have been a victim just like you and I just want to know a real way to make some real money online so I can take care of my family. I appreciate you taking the time to warn everyone. One more thing can you tell me more about your recommendation and why you recommend it? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Kendrick, thanks for your comment.

    the #1 reason why I recommend WA is precisely the fact these unethical non-sense is not found there; next, although achieving success takes time and effort, WA teaches the way in a straigh forward, step by step fashion.

    Add to that the high value service being offered and the friendly support community, and you have a winner for sure!

    If that wasn’t enough, for anyone to get started for FREE, with the first 10 lessons and two websites, is really unbeatable; truly, there’s no better way to get all your questions answered than this.

    If you join us I’ll be there for you every step of the way!

  3. Thanks for this informational list on how to avoid online scams. It is quite a shame that there are many of these running around, and crushing the spirits of people who want to put in honest hard work and make money online.

     I am thankful for platforms like WA that let you get started for free and teach you what it takes and shows you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, a great business model that canhelp you become your own boss and make that money online.

  4. You’re welcome Jacob!

    I agree it’s sad so many are being taken advantage of by crooks out there; unfortunately it’s a dog-eat-dog world we live in.

    This is why when I found WA I knew I would want to promote it. It’s refreshing to find a learning platform you can rely on and feel comfortable recommending it to others, knowing it is a legitimate opportunity for anyone to finally be able to prosper making money on the Internet.

    In addition to the great value offered at WA, to have the friendly support of a helpful community is priceless, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have.


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